We Promote the Welfare of the Community and the State of Maryland

7931 Connecticut Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815, US

Welcome to the Woman's Club of Chevy Chase

Who We Are

100 Years of Community Service!

       The Woman’s Club of Chevy Chase celebrated its centennial in 2013, marking 100 years of community service. It was established as a charitable organization for local women to raise funds for community needs and to develop a cadre of volunteers to support such efforts. With a principal focus on caring for women, children and families, the Club supports non-profit community groups providing food, shelter and counseling.  

Our History

    The Woman’s Club of Chevy Chase, Maryland, began one summer day in 1913. Mrs. Joseph Burkhart invited two friends and neighbors, Mrs. John A. Beattie and Mrs. Bruce Bielaski, to her home at 6811 Connecticut Avenue to consider forming a club to do good work for the community along with other like-minded women.


     As a result of this meeting, on October 1, 1913, twelve women of Section 3, Chevy Chase, Maryland, met at Mrs. Bielaski’s home and elected Mrs. Beattie, President; Mrs. Burkart, Vice President; and Mrs. Mikkleson, Secretary-Treasurer. Dues were set at 25 cents a meeting, and membership was to be forfeited upon three consecutive absences.   

​     The first meeting was held on October 15, 1913, and the Club was admitted to the Montgomery County Federation in 1914, to the Maryland State Federation in 1915, and to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1916. 

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