Did you know that the Club:

  • Did so much for the Military in WW II that a plane was named in our honor. 
  • Served as the venue when Hubert Humphrey unveiled his Health Care Plan, now Medicare.
  • Boycotted the Bethesda Hiser Theater for its State-approved segregation policy in the 1950’s.
  • Debuted the Antiques Show in 1961 which was the Club’s largest fundraiser for 50 years.
  • Lobbied the State for creation of kindergartens in the public school system in the 1920’s.  
  • Was a polling station in the 1940’s and 1950’s.
  • Provided start-up seed money for WETA in 1961.
  • Trained a squadron of members to be enemy plane spotters atop Pooks Hill, Bethesda, in the Korean War.
  • Hosted Senator Taft when he announced his presidential candidacy.
  • Sold $75,000 in stamps & bonds in 1943, the equivalent of $1,094,041 in 2018.
  • Was privileged to have First Lady Laura Bush serve as Honorary Chair of the 2007 Antiques Show.
  • Has hosted a Community Art Show for over 43 years, and counting.
  • Established two new fund-raisers in recent years, the Art and Craft Show and a Jazz Fest & Silent Auction. 
  • Is the largest woman’s club in the Montgomery County Federation of Women’s Clubs. 
  • Has given hundreds of thousands of dollars in academic, art and music scholarships over the years.
  • Contributed over 12,150 volunteer hours of community service in 2017.